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Anna Kova

Anna Kova, a singer/rapper who does nothing like the others. This is the best description we could give of this little Frenchy. His career could however be qualified as classic. But not for a “hip-hop artist”. After studying music theory and solfeggio at the Conservatory, Anna flew to Boston, where she attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music: “I went to the States for two years to study vocal music. I took a big slap on all the points. I understood what I wanted and how I wanted to get there. Just as comfortable on a hip-hop beat with “Make My Way” as on a jazz instrument with the title “Big Scenes”, Anna Kova has everything to please. A clearly displayed joie de vivre, a charisma, charm, a universe… but above all a voice. Both sweet and bewitching, its stamp will make you travel and even glide. And that can sometimes seem to be increasingly rare in a hip-hop radio landscape increasingly tinged with autotunes, catchy bangers and ever-faster or jerky flows. “What has always attracted me to rap is above all the work on rhythm. The idea of totally controlling an instructor by imposing a rhythm on oneself. The best concerts I’ve done are rap concerts. Kendrick Lamar for example, he just needs a mic and you listen to him from start to finish. And a voice is so much louder than anything.”

Photo d'Anna Kova My Heart Ain't Wrong

Photo by @annakovamusic

Inspired as much by the Wu Tang Clan as by female vocal stars such as Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin or Erykah Badu, this young artist, in her twenties, comes from the jazz scene: “At the base I come from jazz. One of the guys I listen to the most right now is Robert Glasper. He is, with many others like Christian Scott or Snarky Puppy, an artist who explains that jazz is not old, that it exists and continues to exist through hip-hop, electro… The alliance, the fusion between the old and the young.” “Then I switched to hip-hop the old-fashioned way with Wu Tang, 2 Pac, Biggie without forgetting the new kids on the rap scene. Today I can’t do without Kendrick or Schoolboy Q. I really want to touch everything and not bridle myself.” And when she says she listens to everything, it’s not just for form. Two of the last concerts she attended? The prince of the auto-tune T-Pain, which she opened for, and Jessye Norman, an opera singer…. Her latest video “Blow “*, released on December 13, proves again that Anna Kova is off-road. And that his magnificent voice adapts perfectly to more electro sounds. This track being the first collaboration with her stage partner, MiM, with whom she is preparing an album for 2015. Album that we can also start to discover live, during the different dates made and to come. To her credit, Anna Kova has only one EP of 5 tracks My Heart Ain’t Wrong, released last May 16th. Yet, there’s a good chance that this young artist, who’s a mix of soul, jazz and hip-hop, will soon make people talk about her: “This year there are a lot of things coming out… I’m telling you no more!”. by